WHAT IT IS: The Rouse 200 Club is an EASY way to financially support the Rouse Band on monthly basis!

HOW IT WORKS: 200 people giving at least $25 a month! This will provide the band $300 per year, per person or $60,000 per year if 200 people join!


WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: $60,000 per year will go a LONG WAY in supporting the Rouse Band by providing equipment, instruments, music, instruction, meals and more! EVERY dollar raised goes directly back to the band program!

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU: By joining the Rouse 200 Club, you are becoming one of our most dedicated supporters, ensuring the Rouse Band continues to provide the highest quality music education, once in a lifetime experiences, and critical life skills to our current and future students. In addition, Rouse 200 members will also receive an exclusive, members only gift!